Comparing apples and oranges

Comparing apples and oranges

When it comes to choosing the right real estate professional to sell you home or property, it literally pays to do your research.

A good agent will keep the lines of communication open and respect your privacy and wishes when it comes to showing and marketing your home.

The best agent will also achieve the highest possible price in the shortest time frame. Having access to a large database or current buyers means leading agents can directly market your property to those looking for a home just like yours.

Of course, a great office location, large experienced team and professional photography also play a huge role is selling your home.

But when it comes down to those final negotiations, there are some very good reasons why I am the number one agent in the Milton-Ulladulla area. It's a fine balancing act when negotiation with buyers to attract the best price for your property and experience is the key. Many agents will accept the first offer and don't have the know-how or the confidence to squeeze that bit more out of a buyer. There can be numerous conversations back and forth between buyer and vendor before I reach the point where I'm happy that I have achieved the best possible result for my clients.

Putting in the hard hards has ensured I have retained my position as one of Raine & Horne's top agents in the national network. I don't start at 9am and knock off at 5... I spend most evenings emailing clients and potential buyers and researching the property market. I'm usually up before the birds planning my day, replying to online enquiries and compiling marketing proposals for my clients.

Real estate is my passion and has been for almost 20 years.

People often ask about commission and they regularly - and incorrectly I believe - choose their agent based on that figure alone. However, a real estate agent must earn their professional fee and a good agent is worth every cent. Saving a few hundred dollars on commission could end up losing you thousands on a sale! As the saying goes: "You pay peanuts, you get monkeys"...

If you want the best agent to achieve the best result, then be prepared to pay them a decent fee for the level of service and expertise they can provide. On high-end properties, one option is to agree on a performance-based fee, whereby the higher the price achieved, the higher the fee - this gives your agent that added incentive to get the best possible price for you.

Whether it's selling a block of land, fibro weekender, apartments, beach house, rural property or residential estate, my record speaks for itself.

If you're thinking of selling in 2018 start the new year with a bang and go for GOLD.

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