Fresh new design service

Fresh new design service

Sasha Paterson & Sarah Thomas combine their coastal town sensibilities with international business experience to provide a vibrant and refreshing design service.

Both experienced interior designers, the ladies have recently launched their new venture Lune & Luxe.

Sasha says, after growing up in a small town in New Zealand, moving to the South Coast is "like coming home". She understands why people flock here from the city... "It's the people, the community, coupled with a beautiful place to spend your days".

Sarah specialises in holiday and rental spaces and says there is "nothing more humbling than getting to know my clients and expressing their creativity and self through their homes".

The Lune & Luxe team "get" that money, time and style are all equal in the overall equation of buying, selling or making a house a home.

If you would like to talk to the ladies about their home styling ideas call 0420 955 057 or 0403 999 181.

I wish them well in their exciting new venture!