Buying Tips

Whether buying land, your first home or an investment property, there are many tips to ensure you are prepared and to help make the process smoother.

Buying Tips

How much can you afford?

Before you start your property search, the first thing to do is to determine how much you can afford to spend.
There's no point setting your heart on something you can't afford.
Look at the different areas in the region you prefer as some streets and locations are more affordable than others.
Once you determine how much you can borrow and afford to pay, you'll have a good idea of where to start looking.
Do your research and look at recent past sales in the area and compare similar properties such as the number of bedrooms, lot size and condition of the home - which can all affect the price significantly.
It's a good idea to speak to a financial adviser for financial advice and to ensure you are not biting off more than you can chew.

Location, location

It's the real estate buzz word and that's because location can make a huge difference in the value or potential of a property.
Highly sought-after locations, such as close to the beach or with great views, generally command a higher price.
If you're looking to buy and can't afford a beach-front property, maybe consider a home a few streets back that is within walking distance of the beach. Or maybe a lakeside home is more affordable and just as appealing.
Keep an eye on new estates or suburbs near the most popular areas as these can often be the boom areas of the future, due to the ripple effect.
When looking for suburbs that are most likely to hold or increase their value, consider things such as proximity to amenities, such as schools and hospitals, as well as the surrounding natural environment.